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Peugeot Club of Queensland

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Peugeot Club of Queensland Classifieds

Yes, you can advertise your Peugeot with us, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A MEMBER.

Here’s how to do it.

ADS BY 25th of the month, earlier is much better!

Email to have for SUBJECT : exact year and Peugeot model  and either for Sale or Wanted  e.g.  1996 Peugeot 605 for sale or Peugeot 504 auto wanted

To Place an advertisement

Private sellers may advertise in Peugeotmania and on the Peugeot Club of Queensland website.

Send the full ad to PEUGEOT FOR SALE by the 25th of the month to have it printed in the next magazine, which all members receive just before or on the second Thursday.  It is usually posted on the web site soon after the second Thursday, usually the second but sometimes the third Saturday of the month, so our members have first opportunity to purchase.


These classifieds are presented by volunteer club personnel as a free service to Peugeot owners and prospective buyers.

Please include details such as:- Make, model, year, type, auto or manual, colour, condition of interior and exterior and mechanicals, mileage, registered to or not registered, price, suburb/town of the car’s location, your name and contact details.  Note the Email addresses in classifieds may have  AT  instead of @ as a way of keeping advertisers safer from spam.  

Please keep your classifieds short and concise and easy to read, best with 30 to 50 words.

Keep it to the basic info and save your sales blurb until someone rings you up.

If ads are submitted longer than 90 words they may be edited down to the first 50 words plus contact details, without concern for actual content.. Unless you are giving away lots of individual parts!!!

Photographs are not printed in our club magazine, text only ads.

However 1 photo may be sent to be published in our Classifieds on the Shannons web site.

Members naturally can advertise any time they like.  If you are not a member, and you advertise through us and you sell through our club magazine or two web sites, we appreciate a donation to help with costs in production of these.

An alternative would be to become a member.

Advertisements remain in the magazine and on the site for 3 issues, unless notice is received earlier that they are no longer available.

Notice to readers:

Numbers in brackets at the end of ads. indicates first month advertised or changed. i.e. (05/21) = first time in Peugeotmania May 2021.

Notice to advertisers: Please contact editors as soon as your ad has been successful. We don’t like annoying readers by advertising cars that are no longer available.

Disclaimer: Although all care is taken collating these ads as a service to Peugeot owners, the club will not be liable for any errors or omissions.