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Peugeot Club of Queensland

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Peugeot Club of Queensland Membership is not limited to Peugeot owners. If you are interested in, or an enthusiast of the marque, you are eligible for membership. PCQ currently has about 100 financial members and continuity of membership is rewarded with a ten year commemorative badge and a twenty and thirty year commemorative bar.

As well as the social, technical and sporting aspects, membership entitles you to receive Peugeotmania, the club's magazine, which is produced monthly. This magazine is now sent electronically in glorious full colour, the Peugeots look much better this way. However, you may request to receive the magazine in the traditional black and white printed glovebox size format.

Please remember to keep your email address current, any changes may be made through this link to the Membership Secretary.


Annual fees FAMILY  $60 SINGLE  $50    This is an annual fee payable each Calendar year.

add $10 administration fee for new members

Fees for new members joining after July

Family $30.00 + $10 joining fee ($40.00)

Single $25.00 + $10 joining fee ($35.00)

Memberships and renewals (due 1st January) should be forwarded to:

The Membership Secretary



The Treasurer

Peugeot Club of Queensland Inc

PO Box 404

Everton Park



Cheque or electronic transfer to

Peugeot Club of Queensland Inc.

NAB       BSB 084 280          A/c 02 899 9434

download a membership application form

Personalised Peugeot Club of Qld name tags are now available.

These classy badges are white with blue lettering and lion, and are great for any car function.

Order yours from the Treasurer for just $10+ $2 postage.

The Peugeot Club of Queensland club shirts are blue and gold with an embroidered logo.

There are a few Men’s sizes left at the moment, and we can easily order more if you tell us the sizes needed.

Pictured here is the ladies shirt (no pocket) before embroidery, and the new logo which will be embroidered on the shirt when we order it.