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Peugeot Club of Queensland

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1980 Australian Capital Territory, Canberra

1981 New South Wales,  Sydney  

1982 Queensland, Brisbane

1983 Victoria, Melbourne

1984 Australian Capital Territory, Canberra

1985 New South Wales, Sydney

1986 Queensland, Mudgee

1987 Western Australia, Perth

1988 Victoria, Melbourne

1989 Australian Capital Territory, Canberra

1990 Tasmania, Hobart

1991 New South Wales, Sydney

1992 Queensland, Stanthorpe

1993 Victoria, Yarra Valley

1994 Australian Capital Territory, Canberra

1995 South Australia, Adelaide

1996 New South Wales, Bundanoon

1997 Victoria, Beechworth

1998 Queensland, Landsborough

1999 Tasmania, Hobart

2000 Australian Capital Territory, Canberra

2001 New South Wales, Dubbo

2002 Victoria, Beechworth

2003 South Australia, Bern

2004 New South Wales, Lismore (Queensland Club)

2005 Tasmania, Ulverstone

2006 Australian Capital Territory, Canberra

2007 New South Wales, Cowra

2008 Victoria, Leeton

2009 Queensland, Stanthorpe

2010 Tasmania, Ulverstone

2011 Australian Capital Territory, Canberra

2012 New South Wales, Young

2013 Victoria, Wondonga

2014 Queensland, Boonah

2015 New South Wales, Yass - (ACT club)

2016 New South Wales, Oberon

2017 New South Wales, Merimbula, (PCCV)

2018 Queensland, Boonah

2019 Australian Capital Territory, Queanbeyan

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